#1 Local Monroe SEO

We work to ensure your customers see your service business website on the first page of Google. Khan Leads is 100% local in Monroe NC and Charlotte surrounding areas. We optimize your business to bring in quality and qualified leads.

SEO service in Monroe NC


We conduct keyword research on your service and area. We produce relevant content with targeted keywords on your website. We optimize your site to be fast and Google-friendly. 


 We don’t deliver you a site out of 2005 and try to up sell you a modern-looking one. All of our designs are fast and clean. We keep in mind simple design is the best design.

Khan Leads Monroe SEO Package

The Monroe SEO Package contains all the services your site needs to rank locally. This is great for beginners and those looking to get started in the world of search engine optimization. Khan Leads is designed to fit service based businesses. Browse below for some of our many SEO packs. If you need SEO for your specific niche or industry, call us at 980-313-9563.

SEO for Roofers

Web Design Services in Monroe NC

Our roofing SEO pack is designed to suit roofing contractors who are looking for qualified leads for full roof replacements, repairs, and inspections. 

SEO for Plumbers

Web Design Services in Monroe NC

Plumbers looking to rank their site for “plumbers in (local city)” will benefit from our plumbing SEO pack. 

SEO for Landscapers

SEO for Landscaping in Monroe NC

Have you been in business for years but never pulled the trigger on SEO? The landscaping SEO pack is the right fit to get those high ticket leads in your local area

What The Customer Needs

We only work with what you need. Khan Leads does not try to up sell you fancy packages. You need a website that looks modern in design and one that encourages your customers to do business with you. Also, one that can actually show up on Google. We work with Google My Business and Search Engine Optimization to make sure your company shows up on local results in your area. Are you just starting out your business and need web designers in Monroe NC or the Charlotte area? Khan Leads gets your online presence without the technical headaches. 

Diverse group of people working on an SEO project and planning.

Who We Work With

Khan Leads is local to Monroe NC and the Charlotte area, and in the Carolinas. We support our local service-based businesses and our mission is to help as many as possible succeed in their local area. Small local businesses are important no matter the location. So, if you are a local plumber, electrician, roofer, landscaper, carpenter, painter, etc., then contact us and see how we can help you today!

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The primary objective of SEO is to optimize your website so you come on top of your competitors in organic search results. For example, SEO Monroe will help you rank your business in Monroe NC higher.

In order to properly do SEO, we have to look at our local data. Let’s say we want to rank for “Monroe SEO”. First, we would need to look at the competition. What are they doing right and wrong? What keywords and backlinks do they have? How many directories can we add your business to? You want to be as local to Monroe as possible.

The way SEO benefits you is by putting your business website where people are looking for and ready to buy a specific service. If you are a roofer here in Monroe NC, we make sure your website appears for the search result “roofer in Monroe NC” and similar keywords.

The great thing about SEO is that customers have the intention to buy so you receive warm leads. Once your site is on the first page of “service” in Monroe, you will see an increase in customers. It is proven that just an increase of 1 spot on the organic list can boost traffic by up to 40%!

Khan Leads Habla Español

North Carolina has a growing number of Hispanic businesses that are in need of Search Engine Optimization for their websites. It is important to us that we help the Hispanic community understand SEO and what opportunities it brings to them. 

That is why our SEO campaigns also come in Spanish to better serve the Hispanic market. SEO is not limited to one language or demographic, and the market responds positively to those that take advantage of SEO and similar marketing approaches. Monroe has become a well known place inside of North Carolina for Hispanic businesses, and that is why we declare ourselves the best Spanish SEO in Monroe NC.

What Is My ROI on SEO?

You may be asking, is SEO even worth my investment? In short, yes for the long term. Compared to Google ads or Facebook ads, you don’t need to keep paying to maintain your pipeline of leads. Since SEO is organic, the listing will maintain itself as long as it is regularly updated.

Let’s say you want to rank for “plumbers Charlotte nc”. Using an SEO tool we can see that this keyword gets about 1,600 searches a month. The first result on this SERP gets an estimated 28.5% click through rate. That means that out of the 1,600 people who search this term, 456 click through your site. If your website has a 1% conversion rate, that means that each month about 4-5 people are purchasing your services. That could mean 48 new customers per year acquired by one single keyword. Khan Leads offers 10 keywords in our basic package!

With SEO you can be assured that once your site takes off into the first pages of Google, it will maintain itself as long as the site is updated with fresh SEO content and maintained. You will not see results on your SEO in weeks. Depending on how competitive your niche and area are, it may take from 1 to 6 months to see exponential growth.

In short, no. The reason why is because not many businesses are focused on SEO in Monroe NC. Those who target Monroe NC are often not located in Monroe. For example, take our fellow competitor Foremost Marketing and Media. They are not local in Monroe NC and are actually located in Oregon. Because we are truly local, we can expect to rank well above them for “SEO in Monroe NC”.

How We Measure Your SEO Monroe Success

#1 We connect your website to Google search console to track traffic and site errors.

#2 We connect to Google Analytics to track traffic sources. 

#3 We test your site speed with Google page speed insights. 

#4 We give you a clear plan for your SEO strategy including your strongest keywords, competitor’s analysis, and website diagnostics. All using great SEO tools such as SEMrush, Keywords Everywhere, Google’s SEO tools.

SEO is only effective if you measure the results. Without measuring and keeping track of goals, SEO becomes like throwing darts in the dark. Khan Leads SEO Monroe measures the success of your site to ensure we keep you on track to get you on the first page of your city.

Monthly Citation Maintenance

Citation maintenance is important to keep your business name and information consistent throughout the web. We set up and maintain your Google my business, Social media profile info, and find hundreds of local directories to add your business to so you only focus on running your business. Great for businesses of all sizes.

The Best Local SEO Monroe

old court house in downtown Monroe NC

Khan Leads is here to help your business not only in Monroe NC but all over North Carolina as well. We understand the culture and people and are committed to helping our local businesses. Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be a complicated topic. We make sure you understand SEO and how Khan Leads SEO is beneficial to your customers.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, search engine optimization works for every niche. Whether you are a carpenter or dermatologist, you can benefit from Khan Leads services. Consult with us on how we can help your business today!

I Don’t Think I Need SEO Services

Think again. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what it sounds like; optimizing for search engines. That means that any time you have created your Facebook page for your new roofing or landscaping business, and you included the business category in that page, congratulations. You have done search engine optimization.

You are essentially making your page or website as discoverable and available to the public as possible by adding tags, placing it in categories, and adding hashtags. You can also add pictures, descriptions, and your NAP, or your Name, Address, and Phone number. Facebook is a search engine too. As well as hundreds of directories out there such as Yelp and Yellow Pages.

That is okay! We are here to help. If you are just looking to add your business in local directories and get traffic from that, then we are here to help. We make sure your information is correct and consistent across local directories so customers can easily find you! Check our Monthly Brand Maintenance Package. If you are in Monroe NC, don’t hesitate to call us

If you are looking to approach SEO, consider optimizing your Google My Business. It is important that you start by doing SEO on your GMB listing so you have a higher chance of appearing in the map pack results. This is where customers have a chance to see your hours, location, and services quickly.

SEO + Web Design

We offer the best packaging for SEO and Web design in Monroe NC. When you integrate Khan Leads SEO Monroe package with web design, you get a fresh and up to date website built to attract customers. Our SEO works then make sure you receive the traffic it needs to convert those customers.

Here's What Your Experience looks like

Khan Leads infographic on SEO Process in Monroe NC
Infographic Khan Leads SEO process

Here Is How SEO Works

When you searched for SEO services in Monroe, you did not find us by accident. The way Google determines who and which websites show up is by how relevant the website is to your search query. For example, we worked hard on this website to show Google Khan Leads is relevant for SEO services. Specifically in Monroe, North Carolina. If we hadn’t worked on our site’s SEO, you would not be able to find us. And if we weren’t able to show up, it would probably mean we were not the best at SEO.

Relevance Is king In SEO

Think again. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what it sounds like; optimizing for search engines. That means that any time you have created your Facebook page for your new roofing or landscaping business, and you included the business category in that page, congratulations. You have done search engine optimization.

SEO Brings Interested Customers To You

When you integrate SEO, not only will your clientele grow, so will your reputation and credibility in Monroe. Let Khan Leads optimize your website to appear in front of customers. Our SEO strategies are ethical using proven ways. No black hat methods are used.

How SEO Integrates With Your Other Marketing Strategies

If you are already running ads to your site or a landing page, you will find that SEO offers a passive and organic way of bringing in clients. Unlike PPC, SEO will maintain your site on the first page as long as regular upkeep and fresh content is added. The longer your site remains and updated, the more authority it will grow in Monroe NC.

This Is Khan Leads

We believe in our local community. We believe in the growth of our local Businesses. We stand by your beliefs and mission. 


Hablamos Español

Local In Monroe NC

We Care About Your Business

Failure is not to be feared. It is from failure that most growth comes.

Exclusive SEO Monroe Customer Service

If your establishment is located in Monroe NC, know that we will be by your side to make sure you get the best value out of your SEO experience. Khan Leads is the best SEO Monroe agency because we understand the culture and the people.

Contact Us and See How We Can Help Your Local Business